SEO & PPC Client Results

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Injury Law

Increased lead volume. 85% ad cost reduction.

The Injury Network was spending $25 - $30 per click on Google AdWords, and seeing lackluster results from their online advertising. In less than 30 days, we brought their costs to less than $4 per click, while increasing lead volume.

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Home Services

Increased lead volume. 2,300% Return on investment.

Smith Landscaping is a growing home services firm providing landscape design and masonry. We used a small test budget to verify viability, resulting in fantastic and new estaimate leads for the client.

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Home Services

Increased lead volume. 3,600% Return on investment.

When Smith Landscape returned with a desire to improve upon already great results, we improved their lead conversion rate with landing page development and employing NetFly's split testing techniques. The result was a 1,300% improvement in lead flow ROI.

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Business Services

100% increase in ROI within 30 days.

Scanning Revolution handles document scanning and informational logistic management for fortune 500's and the medical field. We revamped their online ad campaigns to double their budget's lead output in 30 days.

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B2B Services

Medical Document Scanning - Increased ad return on investment by 17,514.08%.

Doubling the output for Scanning Revolution was great, but we weren't really done optimizing the campaign. Within a quarter, we'd managed to expand the online campaign's productivity by targeting the medical field and tapping into specific niche needs. We positioned our client as an obvious solution, increasing lead flow, while staying within a tight budget.

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Not everyone in your organization needs or wants to see every KPI, click, and graph. For that reason, we offer thorough PPC Reporting that is detailed yet digestible.

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