Search Engine Writing

Search Engine Writing

Search Engine Writing

Maintaining a presence on the internet is an important part of marketing any business today, but what does that really entail? It’s not enough these days to throw up a website and expect people to find you. You need to have quality web page writing in place in order to attract visitors. From a technical standpoint, that also means you need to use writing methods that are optimized for search engines.

If that sounds like a lot of work, it should. That’s where we come into the picture. Our company, NetFly, is here to help businesses creates websites that drive traffic and conversions. With the support of a knowledgeable team of professionals, you can present your website in a way that:

  • Satisfies the requirements of the major search engine providers, especially Google
  • Presents a professional tone that’s appropriate for your industry
  • Engages prospective customers and encourages them to learn more

Why Optimization is Important


Search engine writing is the practice of building websites content around a set of standards that are known to attract greater attention from the automated bots that index the world’s web pages. The end game of SEO centers on having a web page listed on a search engine results page for a set of commonly searched terms.

Let’s say you operate a bug extermination business in Phoenix. You’ll likely want your web pages to rank well when someone in the Phoenix area searches the web for exterminators. You’d want people to find you when they look for any service that’s in your wheelhouse. An exterminator who handles problems with bees, ants and other bugs would want pages up advertising those services. All of these terms are the keywords you’d wish to rank for.

You should also have professionally written content on your pages in order to drive traffic. The major search engines now place a premium on quality content. They check for common tricks that people use to cheat, such as stuffing pages with keywords. They also check for poor grammar and spelling.


Why Google Cares About Quality

In all parts of life, quality is a signal. Google’s entire business model is based on steering people toward websites that provide quality information when someone searches a specific term. If too many users end up with too many poor results, Google’s bottom line is hurt.

The challenge for any search engine writing services provider is figuring out what signifies quality. The easiest way to discover quality is to implement clear standards and see who can be bothered to conform to them. In terms of web page writing, this means checking for basic on-page SEO elements and good writing.

If you go into a high-end restaurant, it may seem ridiculous to see someone placing a sprig of something green on your food using a pair of tweezers. At the same time, however, you should come away feeling that whoever made that effort was invested in the process. The same idea holds up when search engines try to evaluate the quality of individual web pages.


What NetFly Does

At NetFly, we help our customers:

  • Fix technical errors on their sites
  • Produce content that fulfills expected SEO standards
  • Target relevant keywords within their industries

Our team has the know-how required to see that every page includes proper formatting for headings, links and other elements. We also can help you create an internal structure for your website that allows search engines to readily categorize what you do. The content we produce via search engine writing is tailored to the specific requirements of SEO, and it also engages readers.


Contact NetFly

Your web pages end up serving a lot of masters. Keeping track of all that work can be difficult, and it’s also hard to stay current with new developments in the SEO world. The professionals from NetFly, however, are ready to guide you through the entire process. Get in touch with us today, and you’ll quickly be impressed by the results we can help you achieve.


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