Legal Marketing: How it Actually Works for Divorce Firms

Legal Marketing: How it Actually Works for Divorce Firms

Legal marketing how-to’s: Here is what divorce firms must do with their legal marketing to gather tons of leads at a relatively low cost-per-lead and convert them into retainers.

Legal Marketing Sales Funnel


Create a logical sales funnel that’s longer than just “Let me represent you for a Flat Fee”

Legal Marketing is not a one-off process – it’s actually a collection of branding exercises, including

  • initial ads,
  • landing pages that are well optimized for conversions,
  • retargeting,
  • community development, and
  • email automation.

You have to have all of these things in place, otherwise you struggle to generate new business. The key is to literally stay in your prospective client’s face until they come to a decision to act. You’ll be sending them down a fact-driven, yet emotionally-charged path of empowerment of the course of a couple weeks through your legal marketing scheme. The result for our clients is typically a predictable lead flow that our attorney or firm can turn on or off at will. The whole thing should be setup and automated until the prospect agrees to a consultation, at which point, you collect a retainer.

I’ll be doing a tutorial on how to get prospective clients to close the sale themselves and give you whatever retainer you ask for in the near future. I recommend you subscribe if you haven’t already.


Get to Them Early

Attract your prospects in their curious phase with the idea of more money and control of custody – some people want more money or to keep more of it. Some people want the kids, and some people don’t. However, what everybody actually wants is control. You will do this through targeted legal marketing and advertising efforts, which include:

  • Search Ads
  • Display Ad
  • In-App ads used carefully with In-Market Audiences
  • Social Ads
  • Targeted landing pages tailored for each gender


Offer Them What They REALLY Want

You must offer your visitor a chance at controlling the divorce and getting his or her way. This is what people are looking for in the early stages of the decision cycle, and this is when they are gathering information as ammo to become confident about their decision. This is when they will be willing to trade information for their contact info.

You’ll be able to make trade this by offering a cheat sheet as bait. You’ll want to segment your marketing, and possibly create two different cheat sheets for each gender. From my work in divorce marketing, I can tell you that men tend to want to learn how to keep their money and control custody, while women are most responsive to the prospect of getting all of the money or more than half, while keeping full custody. Keep that in mind if you are going to do your own content development and landing page optimization.


Engage in Branding Exercises

Once they’ve made it to your offer, whether they follow through or not, you’re going to tag their browser via retargeting. This will setup your brand later on in the decision cycle, once again through segmentation. You’ll want to offer non-essential, supplementary content as bait to each gender.


Offer Them a Safe Haven

Whether they have given up contact info by now or not, you will want to gain your prospects’s allegiance by setting up a tribe just for them, and giving all of your prospects a place to explore and satisfy curiosity. At NetFly, we have two of these safe havens, one for each gender. An example of a Safe Haven might be a pair of Facebook Pages, like Los Angeles Divorce Rights for Women and Los Angeles Divorce Tips for Men.

It’s far more powerful if interesting content is found out to originate from you, than if it’s constantly presented as coming from you overtly. Thus, you don’t want these communities branded too heavily. This is actually a way for you to slip your content into their feed, and have them follow it to you.


Use Email to Ramp Up Their Imagination and Emotion While Teaching

You can directly amplify the prospect’s imagination through anticipatory emails. A logical flow of emails, sent in an automated fashion might look something like this:

  • Welcome, here’s your requested Divorce Cheat Sheet
  • How to Make Him Pay for the Divorce
  • How to Tell if He’s Going to Serve You with Papers
  • How to Strike Fast and Leave Him Wondering What Happened
  • 3 Things that Guarantee that You’ll Get Sole Custody
  • 5 Simple Rules to Follow Before the Divorce Begins
  • What to Tell Children About Your Divorce
  • Life After Divorce – what to Do Next
  • Limited Time Offer – Free Phone Consultation

legal marketing

At the end of each email, you’ll tell the prospect to expect the next one in a couple of days. You’re not just selling, you’re empowering. That’s what people are looking for long before they go shopping for a lawyer. If you can empower them, there is no other brand that logically makes sense for them. It’s just you.

If they aren’t ready for the conversation, that’s okay. They likely will be soon. As long you continue with your branding exercises, they will always see you as one of two best options.



When you have everything firing properly, gaining new business is an automated process. As you can see, there are a lot of moving parts that we like to employ, but without each one, you’re leaving the door open for your competitors to brand themselves in front of you.

Keep things complete. The old saying is true: anything worth doing is worth doing right. Get this part down, and you’ll never have to worry about generating new business again, as you’ll have an open faucet of leads generated for you, and an automated system that compels those leads to agree to your consultation. Most importantly, it will feel like the natural choice, and it will feel like the contact was their idea.

  • Attract them in their curious phase with the prospect of more money and control of custody – everybody wants more money, some people want the kids, but everybody wants control over custody – you’ll achieve this through a cheat sheet as bait
  • tag their browser and set-up your brand through segmented retargeting (non-essential, supplementary content as bait)
  • gain their allegiance by setting up a tribe just for them (facebook group example: divorce rights for women)
  • directly amplify their imagination through anticipatory emails
  • make it about empowerment. make it about winning
  • excite them about the prospect of winning
  • ask for the conversation
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