Cheap SEO Packages: The Pros and Cons

Cheap SEO Packages: The Pros and Cons

Cheap SEO Packages: The Pros and Cons

Budget-play is essential to the survival of many small businesses especially those that have less margin for error. The topic of cheap something or affordable that is often discussed across the board whether it is in a home office or leased-out space. And don’t we all just love the Cheap SEO Packages offer.

So to lessen the burden a bit we will be tackling some SEO mysticism by sparking a conversation on package prices.
What are business owners really buying when they invest in optimization and is it okay to go the cheap-o route?


What You Pay For With An SEO Package

SEO is not a difficult concept to grasp, better optimization, better rankings, more traffic, more business. But obviously, the road to achieving this isn’t that simple or that fast.

So the concept of payment=results is sometimes a bit skewed. Especially when you’re being offered cheap SEO packages. If the team isn’t cranking out the results you would like, your company isn’t at the top of the search results, without a doubt the thought maybe: scam.

A little reminder about what you are paying for may come in handy.


Your SEO package is suppose to…

  1. Take care of all your optimization needs.
  2. Revamp your site if need be to ensure that its structure is supportive of your goals.
  3. Links, categories and sub-categories are all in tact and duly planned.
  4. Optimize you locally with things like Google My Business and AdWords management.
  5. Content is at the top of its game. Visitors are coming and staying because the read is that good. They are also sharing it and telling all their friends.
  6. Even if they are telling their friends, the SEO team is ensuring that your content is pushed through social media and other sites within your industry to create genuine backlinks and interest.
  7. Offer you an evolving keyword strategy that tracks and investigates your site traffic to ensure you are putting the best words forward.
  8. Regularly inform you of what is going on in one way or the other. Traditionally through a monthly report and rank breakdown to explain where you stand in the search engines and why.


This all sounds great, but will I get this with a cheap package?


The Pros Of Going Cheap

The first and likely most important benefit of settling with an affordable SEO package is that you will be saving your business a significant amount of money every month while still pursuing and promoting your business online. And of course, not all businesses need a stellar online presence to begin with.

Brick and mortar operations obviously rely on foot traffic and other more traditional means of promotion. So the ability to pay all your bills on time and still stay on top of your SEO game is nothing to sneeze at.

Secondly, you may certainly be still getting the same great SEO services just for less. Lone sharks and companies overseas with low costs of living can comfortably charge you a fraction of some other companies. This isn’t because they stink, it’s just because they can.

With a lone shark for example, if she only has one or two clients at the moment and is hungry for a third she may just give you her all for a low price. Also with an overseas company, since their rent is no where near the guy in Seattle they can charge you half of his rate and still live the good life.


The Cons of Going Cheap

Now, here is what most companies will never forget to tell you: why you should have never messed with cheap SEO packages.

The main point to mention here is that companies that offer dirt cheap SEO packages may do so for good reason. Perhaps they are extremely inexperienced and do not have the know-how to provide you with the services we mentioned previously. Or if they do, they do a very poor job at it and you would have been better off hiring your cousin.

Also, SEO services, whether they are cheap SEO packages, or high-end enterprise level offerings, are easily scammable in some ways. For instance, since results can take time to manifest a company may keep promising you results but in fact they are really not doing much at all to improve your rankings. Or they did in the beginning but then stopped.

Thirdly, good services are usually constant and persistent. The efforts of a cheap package may just seem like dust in the wind because it does not include enough engagement and promotion to bring any significant results.

Likewise, there are many ways to screw up an SEO campaign and a cheaper package may be more susceptible to this. Examples include

  • implementing short-tailed keywords that are extremely far-fetched,
  • black-hat tactics such as spammy link building, and
  • not properly sharing and pushing your content


Making A Decision

If you are still in limbo as to whether or not you should opt for a cheaper package here a few things to consider with a company to hire:

  • Where did you find out about them, are they ranked high themselves in the search engine results?
  • Who are their clients?
  • Do they offer basically the same features regardless of the price hike?
  • Do they cover all the basics, optimization services, content and sharing?
  • Finally, do you have time to build your own SEO team?

Mix and match talent for an optimal price. Just remember what SEO is and isn’t in the mobile-first era. You’re supposed to be going down the content marketing path of SEO, where you use content and social signals like sharing, likes, and tweets, to get the most out of your website, and get on good terms with the search engines at the same time.

cheap seo packages

Remember that you can do this at an affordable price, just as long as the company you choose to work with is experienced, can prove their value, and is interested in steering you down this path themselves.

Whatever you choose to do, playing boss, or just calling the shots like one, definitely has it’s challenges.

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