PPC Management Pitfalls to Avoid (Save Money!)

PPC Management Pitfalls to Avoid (Save Money!)

3 PPC Management Pitfalls to Avoid

PPC management, also known as Pay per click (or PPC) marketing, is a very good technique that many companies use to boost their advertising efforts. Some of the biggest benefits of well-crafted PPC include increased leads, boosted sales and improved brand awareness. Still, marketing is a double edged sword and, like with any other method of advertising, a badly performed PPC campaign can cost an enterprise a lot.

All of the ads, and the overall results of a campaign can suffer a lot. This is why we decided to make this post, to show you where the biggest pitfalls lie and how to avoid them.


  1. Neglecting the value of call to action

ppc management pitfalls to avoid

It is absolutely crucial to include call to actions in PPC ads. The first and most obvious reason why it’s important is because you will drastically increase your click through rate. Still, a lot of people fail to realize this and there are many ads that don’t have a call to action.

On the other hand, there are many ads that have call to action lines, but they are quite poorly written. They seem basic, default and don’t invoke any excitement in a person looking at them. If you want to generate sales, your call to action can be something like “Buy now” or “Order now”.


  1. No ad extensions

There are many different ad extensions that can be used by advertisers. With a proper use of extensions, a marketer can attract more potential customers by giving people directions to the information they are searching for.

Older types of extensions included location, phone number, social extensions, site links and product extensions. However, a while ago, Google added some brand new enhanced ad campaigns that can offer extensions, dynamic search extensions and app extensions. Depending on what you are marketing, it is important to select the right extensions in order to get the best possible click through rate.


  1. Creating non-relevant ads

ppc management pitfalls to avoidOne of the biggest pitfalls of a PPC campaign is to create ads that are not relevant to the page your advertising. It is also important that the ad is relevant to the keywords associated with that page. By creating a relevant add, you will be able to improve your CTR and the quality score. The higher your quality score is, the less you will have to pay for each individual click you receive. Ultimately, your ROI (return on investment) will be far better.

By avoiding the things we mentioned, you will definitively dodge a catastrophic campaign. In the end, everybody makes mistakes, but these are so costly that you simply cannot afford to make them. If you have experience in PPC management, feel free to share your thoughts and tell us about the mistakes you’ve made.

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