NetFly Strategic Partnerships

Web Designers, PR Firms, Consultants, and Marketing Agencies rely on NetFly to deliver high-performing SEO and PPC management to their clients.

Improve your bottom line, and add passive revenue without additional labor or costs.

The Netfly Strategic Partner Program in a Nutshell:

NetFly’s Strategic Partner Program is an online marketing reseller program that leverages our winning methodologies, strong results, and exceptional ROI. If you’ve always wanted a way to turn those one-time web design clients into ongoing, long term income, then Netfly is the partner for you.

We believe in setting realistic expectations with clients and delivering on those expectations. Strong retention is critical to the growth of your business, and ours.

Our sales process makes it as easy as possible to create a passive income by re-selling


You can work with us as a referral or private label solution for your business. Whichever you prefer.


A team of experts at your finger tips
When your agency offers our PPC and SEO, you’ll have NetFly’s team of professional writers, content marketers, designers, developers, ad specialists, and analysts behind you, working daily to keep your clients happy and profitable.


Ongoing passive income
When you partner with Netfly, you’ll generate an ongoing passive revenue, without any additional work, training, or effort. We’ve made it easy to improve your monthly income and grow your agency.


Full Sales Support (We’re Closers)
Do as little or as much selling as you’d like. Simply setup a conference call with your client and your Dedicated Sales Partner, and we’ll do all the explaining. Your Dedicated Sales Partner is your best resource, and makes adding new revenue as easy as scheduling a 3-way call.


Long-term Commitment to Client Success
Your Dedicated Sales Partner works to continually follow-up, manage client expectations, and keep your client happy for the life of the contract. You have the flexibility to take as large or small a role in client happiness as you’d like.

Services Offered for Re-selling


Analysis & Auditing
Offer your clients real SEO audits with a professional’s thought put behind every client’s unique situation. Just ask your client three basic questions, and we’ll craft well-though-out proposals.

Link building
Real links from real websites. No software-assisted link-building or unnatural links. Just real results.

Content really is king, and we create it for your clients. We’ll create as much content as we need to in order to ensure aggressive and natural ranking movements.



Proposal Writing
We create thorough, well-planned marketing game plans that get your clients to say “yes” to paid advertising.

Campaign Construction
We do 100% of the legwork that’s required in the campaign construction process. Using the customized game plan in your client’s proposal, we build out all of the necessary copy and imagery to ensure a successful campaign.

Track ROI
We use Swydo to create transparent verifiable reporting on costs. Your clients will always know where their investment is going, and be able to track ROI quickly and easily.


A True Strategic Partnership

We also believe in only working with resellers who will work with us as partners, not vendors. Strong partnerships allow us to provide the best performance for your clients, the maximum profit for you, and happy employees on both sides.


Key Benefits

  • 100% US-based in-house team
  • All content produced by professional, English-speaking writers
  • Free Custom Audits & Proposals
  • Training Program
  • Built-in call and lead tracking
  • Automated white label reporting
ppc reporting

Complete Reporting

Review and report on everything
More platforms means more power. Report and sell services for more than just one channel. We’ll help you find your client’s most profitable channel.


Automatic or Push-Button Emailing
You can decide whether you want the entire process to be automated, or you want to review, edit, or annotate reports. This choice can be made at the client level, so that some reports can be automated, while others wait in the queue.

white label ppc platforms

Offer More Platforms

Give you clients options & better ensure their success

Offering more platforms to manage helps our resellers’ retention rates while giving them a unique selling position in a crowded industry.

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • Facebook
  • PLA’s
  • Revenue Sales, Call Tracking & more.
white label ppc company profit

Offer More Features

If you’ve been looking for a PPC management firm that can offer an outsourced solution at competitive rates, while leaving room for your firm’s margin you’re encouraged to call us today.

  • PPC management
  • Landing page optimization
  • White Label Reporting
  • Conversion rate optimisation
  • Re-marketing

Higher Profit Margins

Our resellers have higher profit margins and retention.

Our agency reseller partners are able to offer premium services at some of the lowest costs in the industry.

  • Simple, Low Cost Structure
  • Volume Bonuses
  • Multi-Platform Offerings
white label ppc company profit

1-On-1 Support

Get training, support, and You’ll get a dedicated account manager

  • PPC Sales Training
  • Personalized Support
  • Sales Assistance
  • Focused Attention on Your Agency
  • PPC management
  • Landing page optimization
  • White Label Reporting
  • Conversion rate optimisation
  • Re-marketing

Let’s Talk

Before to contract with another PPC Reseller, give NetFly a call. We manage more marketing dollars, at higher margins for our partners and resellers, than the agencies in our class.

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